About Us

HISTROV & TM TATIANA Shchurova, is the creator of the collections of embroidered embroidered shirts and extraordinary dresses for modern women. Inspired by a trip to Ukraine, where nature was the highlight, and the knowledge of the ancient craft of embroidery as an applied art, interested in old embroidery.


The Ukrainian brand HISTROV & TM TATIANA Shchurova embraces the spirit of traditional shirts in a modern cut, containing national embroidery as an applied art, and also emphasizes the history of ancient and symbolic national traditions of all nations, is a modern industry in the fashion world. Croy defines the past and present and its culture as a whole. HISTROV & TM TATIANA Shchurova creates collections only from natural fabrics, a variety of cuts, exclusive embroidery and color combination.


We provide the opportunity to purchase embroidered shirts, linen shirts with embroidery, linen dresses with embroidery. TM TATIANA Shchurova and TM HISTROV clothing for unique women, an unrivaled mix of national and ethnic strong currents, as well as notes of romance and dreaminess. Products exhibited are exclusive collections with their own history. If you don’t know how to wear an embroidered shirt or don’t know which one to buy, a stylist with TM TATIANA Shchurova and TM HISTROV will help you. Buying an embroidered shirt, you take the first step for yourself for reincarnation. Let's go in order:

1. What embroidered shirt to buy? 

Designer Tatyana Schurova will help determine the color scheme of the fabric, a selection of embroidery techniques, a combination of embroidery color and fabric. Based on all the technical requirements, the embroidery will exceed all your expectations, and at the same time it will become exclusive in your collection. We will also help you choose an embroidered shirt on the site. 

2. Where to buy an embroidered shirt? 

Buy an embroidered shirt at www.histrov.com or personally meet with the Designer and create a unique, exclusive shirt with embroidery. This is our exclusive card.

3. How to buy an embroidered shirt? 

In order to buy an embroidered shirt, you need a good mood and a desire to treat yourself to an extraordinary purchase, while continuing to follow the traditions in modern life. Buying embroidered shirts is possible, through the website www.histrov.com online, it is also possible in the Showroom, boutique, exhibition hall: Dnepr st. Magdebourg law, 3. We are glad to see you at a party. It is possible to directly contact Designer Shchurova Tatyana by phone: +38 097 715 58 47 and discuss all questions about the dress with embroidery, there are no unresolved issues. We are open to cooperation.

    If you want to be unique in your style, then you need to contact us. Our company produces limited collections where it uses only high-quality natural materials, as well as the right combination of colors. Embroidery of TM HISTROV and TM TATIANA Shchurova brands will not leave you indifferent to collectible products. Do not forget about trends and indulge yourself with purchases, all the same, we live once in a lifetime. All products you can choose and buy on our website www.histrov.com. By purchasing products through the website of the official manufacturer, you automatically receive small pleasant bonuses in the form of discounts or gifts. Wear TM HISTROV and TM TATIANA Shchurova with your head held high, and let the whole world lie at your feet.