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Embroidered bags is today’s fashion accessory

Bags with hand embroidery is current fashion trend. Practical and bright products made of fabric or leather will cheer up and complement a woman’s fashionable look.

Discover women’s handbags and bags with HISTROV. Shop hundreds of styles including designer handbags, backpacks for women and many more.

Cross-stitch bags will look good with your casual or evening wear. And urban style leather backpacks preferred will fit with jeans or oversized clothes.

Designer bags from the Ukrainian brand HISTROV

Women’s hand embroidered bags look stylish and expensive in any situation. Handbags from a fashionable designer will become a breath of fresh air in the look of any woman.

Advantages of the embroidered bag includes:

  • stylish look;
  • unique;
  • easy to wash;
  • has several inner and outer pockets;
  • made from natural materials.

This fashion accessory is available in a variety of colors, making it easy to match with shoes, gloves or a belt.

Bag with Petrykivka pattern, as Ukrainian style

We have vast lines of bags with machine and handmade embroidery in the designer’s collection. The patterns on them are made with a cross or satin stitch. Threads of different colors allow author to create a unique bright or monochromatic pattern on the product surface. On bags made of leather and cotton additional accessories and decorations in the form of pendants, chains or laces.

Eco bag for modern woman

Linen bags with embroidery are an essential part of modern woman image. Cost of fashion accessories due to:

  • material;
  • accessories used;
  • size.

Handbag can tell a lot about its owner, so you shouldn’t save on the quality of the product.

Buy women’s bag in the fashion online store HISTROV

Explore a beautiful range of handbags at HISTROV online shop. You can shop fast and easy thanks to:

  • attentive and polite consultants;
  • wide range of products in the national style;
  • cash and online payment.

Our couriers deliver orders to Kiev, Lviv, Odessa or Kharkiv. Or you can buy it in our brand store in Dnipro.