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Cloth mask with embroidery – national style

Cloth face masks with Ukrainian embroidery are a fashion trend in 2021. Natural fabrics and high quality products make them a must-have in any weather.

Protective cloth face masks with embroidery can be purchased at the HISTROV virtual boutique. A necessary accessory, especially now, with Ukrainian embroidery in etno style will make you feel comfortable and stylish in any situation.

Pretty linen face masks with handmade embroidery allow you to maintain health and perfectly combined with outfits for everyday or holiday wear. This accessory will match a trouser suit or a cocktail dress. It is reusable and protective products that are convenient to wear on the face and store in a pocket or bag. In addition, they produced from Italian linen and it is easy to wash and it dries quickly. Face masks are branded, so their owners will always look stylish.

Ukrainian embroidered face mask for every day

Protective face masks made of natural materials and with embroidery “Six amulets” – a high-quality product from Ukrainian designers. Fashion accessories are available in several colors: red, white, mustard and black.

Embroidery face masks have following characteristics:

  • sewn from flax;
  • have 2 fabric layers;
  • universal size;
  • fastenings with elastic bands;
  • protection class FFP1.

You can buy protective face masks with embroidery in the fashion online store HISTROV.

Face mask with embroidery is nowadays Fashion attribute

Face masks with tailored embroidery will allow you to create your own unique image. On protective accessories of light shades patterns are created with black thread, and on black with white or that match the base fabric. Satin stitching is the main technique for decorating a mask.

Patterns on the face protection cloth mask consist of identical poppies that located on the right and left side of the product. Poppy in Ukrainian symbolism means beauty, prosperity and health. Ornament is embroidered by hand or using specialized equipment. Pattern keeps its shape for a long time thanks to the stitches of high quality.

You can buy high quality organic reusable cloth face masks from the designer.

Handmade reusable black stylish face masks can be selected on the website of the HISTROV store, which cooperates with designers directly, without intermediaries.

Cost due to:

  • high quality materials;
  • tailor-made embroidery;
  • brand popularity.

In addition, the product has a quality certificate and passed clinical trials.

Buy a patriotic face cloth mask in the online store “HISTROV”

You can buy the Best Organic, Reusable Cloth Face Masks in the virtual boutique “HISTROV”. Our store differs from its competitors in terms of prices, fast processing and delivery of goods. Courteous employees will find an individual approach and help you choose a beautiful face protection.

Residents and guests of Dnipro can pick up branded products from the company store. Customers who live in Lviv, Odessa, Kiev or Kharkiv we advise to use our fast courier delivery.


Designer reusable linen face masks will highlight your style and personality. In times of quarantine, this is an essential attribute of every person. Masks are made of high quality 100% flax made in Italy. The masks are made up of two layers that allow you to breathe easily The embroidery is made of natural silk threads. We sew embroidery design to order. It is possible to develop your logo, emblem, picture. Linen is non-allergenic and skin-friendly. The masks are very simple in leaving.