Tablecloth with embroidery and 6 napkins HISTROV 140×140 Beige 20124

Tablecloth with embroidery and 6 napkins HISTROV 140×140 Beige 20124


  • 100% linen
  • set – 1 tablecloth + 6 napkins.
  • silk thread embroidery
  • napkin size 45×45
  • tablecloth size 140×140
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Material – 100% Italian linen.

Tablecloth size: 140×140 cm.

The embroidery is done with silk threads.

Includes six napkins with matching embroidery.

Embroidered tablecloth

Embroidered tablecloth is a unique table decoration for holidays, special occasions, and meetings with close friends. The combination of white with red roses carries a symbol of harmony and union. Set includes 6 embroidered napkins. All products made from natural linen fabric. Embroidery is made with silk threads. Such combination will ensure the longevity of their use.

In Ukrainian folk traditions, such kits were passed from mother to daughter. To this day, embroidery carries a special energy. You can buy tablecloth and napkins as gift with our Gift cards. Ukrainian gifts with embroidery carry cultural value, benevolence and love for nature.

Histrov brand has taken care of the high quality of the kit and its environmental friendliness. Our main idea of creating the kit is the continuation of Ukrainian traditions.

All products are created exclusively from natural linen, each collection carries its own story not only of creation, but also embroidery carries an unforgettable energy. Our clients appreciate our quality, exclusivity, eco / naturalness. Find your unforgettable image with HISTROV.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 cm

TATIANA Shchurova






Napkins 6 pcs.
Tablecloth 1 pc.

The size

Napkins 45×45 cm
Tablecloth 140×140 cm


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