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Christian baptismal clothing

Baptismal clothes should have everyone who accepts Christianity. Newborns in white dress look like angels.

You can buy elite christening sets for a girl or a boy in the HISTROV virtual boutique. Handmade embroidered shirt made of linen or cotton fabrics will make a sacred celebration even more beautiful.

Christening clothes are worn once in a lifetime, so they are not suitable for everyday wear. Ancestors believed that, for example, baptismal towels are amulets for life. Baptismal sets for boys are selected, as a rule, from natural fabrics. It is recommended that clothes be made in a single tone and have a simple cut. The set for baptism can be embroidered with Slavic and Orthodox motifs or contain a nominal symbolism.

Baptismal Ukrainian clothes are an unforgettable experience and respect for traditions

Christening dresses and sets for babies are made from hypoallergenic fabric. Fit well on a child’s body and appropriate to church canons. In addition, names or charm words can be applied to the product, which will make the item unique.

Christening sets for boys and girls purchased in the HISTROV virtual boutique have the following advantages:

  • sewn from natural fabrics;
  • decorated with unique embroidery;
  • appropriate to church canons.

Children’s christening sets do not hinder movement and personalized sets will become a reason for pride in the future.

Baptismal costumes for tender babies

Christening suits from Ukrainian designer are decorated with ruffles and lace. Metallized thread for embroidery gives shine and durability to baby baptismal sets for girls or boys. Patterns like this, made on terry towels or lace folds, last a long time on the product. In addition, the outfit does not shine through, since the body of the child is covered with a lining.

High-quality baptismal outfit from designer Tatyana SHCHUROVA

Unique handmade christening sets at fair prices in our brand web shop HISTROV. Kits for children produced by “Ukraine”, which are embroidered according to the gender of the wearer, are convenient to buy in the company online store.

Cost of the goods consists of:

  • quality and quantity of the fabric used;
  • complexity of embroidery;
  • number of accessories and jewelry used.

Named baptismal sets from Ukraine are popular all over the world, and stores that can offer quality goods are rare.

Buy embroidery in the online store HISTROV

You can buy handmade children’s baptism sets in the HISTROV online store.

It is beneficial to cooperate with us because we have:

  • polite and attentive consultants;
  • discounts on baptismal linen for a boy or girl;
  • orders are processed and formed quickly.

Clothes for christenings, where the baptismal names of children are embroidered by hand, can be purchased at company store in Dnipro or ordered by courier in Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv or Odessa.