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Kryzhma – a necessary attribute of the baptism of a newborn child

Handmade embroidered kryzhma from cotton or linen is a necessary attribute for the baptism of newborns. Baptismal clothes made from hypoallergenic fabric are required for the observance of the rite and appropriate to church canons.

Handmade kryzhma with a name is author work from a well-known designer. Christening towels for adults or babies are handmade products. You can buy in Ukraine on the website of an official dealer.

Personal name embroidery on the baptismal kryzma makes it unique. Since this is a ritual attribute with lace, ruffles and folds, it is not used in everyday life.

Baptismal Ukrainian kryzhma will be remembered by everyone

Kryzhma embroidered in the national style with symbols of faith, personalized and with inscriptions is a handmade masterpiece and you can buy it at our company store in Dnipro. Christening kryzhma can be small or large depending on the age of the person.

Personalized kryzhma has following advantages:

  • individual cut and pattern;
  • natural material;
  • use of metallized thread.

Personalized kryzhma can be bought at company store in Dnipro or in the HISTROV online store and it will become an elite gift from future godparents for christening a girl or boy.

Embroidery – fashion and style

Linen kryzhma made of batiste or other fabric, can be embroidered with angels or decorated with folds of white thin lace. Baptismal clothes for babies are not transparent, since the body of the child is covered with a lining.

You can order names or inscriptions on the towel or kryzhma. Terry products with the name can be bought in Ukraine on the HISTROV brand website.

Kryzhma is a necessity for every Baptismal Ceremony

Kryzhma to order is suitable for those who have little time to go shopping on their own, but have a desire to get a unique thing. Cost of a personalized kryzhma in Ukraine starts from 2000 UAH, and depends on:

  • quality of fabric;
  • product size;
  • embroidery complexity;
  • use of fittings;
  • belonging to a design house.

You can buy big kryzhma that become a talisman for its owner in the virtual boutique HISTROV.

Kryzhma from HISTROV boutique is available to everyone

Kryzhma will complement the holiday. Shop in our virtual boutique is profitable because we have:

  • polite employees;
  • large assortment;
  • individual approach to each client;
  • possibility to order a personalized kryzhma;
  • fast order processing and delivery.

Kryzhma, which you can buy and pick up on your own at our company store in Dnipro, will be a good gift for both a child and an adult. Personalized baptismal kryzhma is delivered to Kiev, Odessa, Lviv and Kharkov by courier.