Stylish ETHNO photo sessions from HISTROV

Ethno photo session Patriotic

Photo session in the Ukrainian style from the embroidery brand HISTROV. The advantage of the Patriotic ethno-photo session is the presence of yellow-blue wings.

Ethnic photo session for Her or Him

A wonderful gift for your significant other. A photo session is issued in the form of a gift card. We offer a choice of embroidery with vintage patterns and ancient ornaments.

Petrykyvka ethnic photo shoot

The distinctive features of the image are the traditional and bright patterns of the Petrykivka painting in the form of embroidery on shirts, as well as embroidered corsets that complement the image.

Ethno-photoshoot for couples

The HISTROV company has prepared paired images. Images in the same style: girls’ stylish embroidered shirts and men’s shirts!

Ethno-photo session is family

The HISTROV collection offers an opportunity to organize a family photo session. A children’s vyshyvanka is added to the paired vyshyvanka. A family image is formed from all family members and comfortable conditions for each member are taken into account.


Feel like a beauty

Every woman loves to be talked about and flattered about her beauty. Isn’t that why they put so much effort into staying in shape to look their best? A photo session is a great opportunity to show them that their efforts are appreciated and that they deserve to be photographed.

Try yourself as a model for a while

Every girl wants to try herself in something serious. But even a night walk does not require such a detailed elaboration of the image as a photo shoot, and every girl can feel like a professional model for a while.

Expand your own boundaries.

Each person depends a little on his external image. If you look different, you will feel completely different. The new look will help girls explore new experiences.

Try something new.

There is always a new side to life. But at least it’s good to break out of the routine sometimes. Make your photo shoot an unforgettable moment, bright and interesting.

Take more photos and get emotional pleasure!

It is unlikely that the photos you took will end up gathering dust on your computer. Instead, they will be a great excuse to make an interesting post on social networks, use them in a presentation or insert them into a professional resume.

Work with professional photographers

HISTROV photo studio employs the best photographers who know how to reveal your individuality and beauty through a special lens. Even if your model is inexperienced in posing, your photographer will easily handle the process and achieve the perfect result.

Don't think about organizing the event.

Spending hours preparing for the event can be tiring and spoil the whole experience, and the HISTROV studio takes care of all aspects of the organization: choosing the perfect venue for the event, helping to choose the perfect place, editing the interior and lighting, editing photos.

How to sign up for a photo session?

To order such a photo session, you do not need to leave your apartment. All you need is a mobile phone and internet access. To order exclusively, visit the HISTROV website. Thanks to convenient services and detailed information, it is easy and convenient to fill in the necessary information for the application.

Call the contact phone number listed on the website to get answers to your questions. Remember that happiness in this life depends on small but great joys. Therefore, do not look for excuses to pamper yourself or your loved ones, photography can help you with this.


+380 97 715 58 47

How does the Ethno-photoshoot program work?

After placing the order, the manager calls you and arranges a preliminary meeting and discusses the details and wishes of the photo session.

The next stage is the fitting of clothes and formation of the image. The HISTROV company has prepared several ready-made images for everyone to choose from.

After discussing and confirming all the subtleties, we meet at the specified time for a photo session.

On the day of the photo session, the Clients are offered to organize professional make-up and hair done by a professional make-up artist. In addition, it will take 1-2 hours of time, depending on the image. Paid separately.

=P.S. According to Dosvit, our guests order make-up from “their” make-up artists, whom they are used to.=

Immediately after the ethnic photo session, the Client will receive 50-100 photos, after color correction in the file exchange. During the week, the Customer chooses the 5 best photos for final retouching. Finished photos are sent within 10 working days from the moment of confirmation.

Why should you order a photo shoot in our HISTROV boutique?

Ethno-photo session from HISTROV – guarantees positive emotions and product quality. We are ready to listen to each client and advise the best options. The presence of studio lighting and modern technologies allows you to move around and not be tied to one location. This allows us to experiment with locations and make a work of art from each photo shoot.

The long-term experience of photo sets in the field of fashion allows us to combine Ukrainian traditional clothes in a modern style that is relevant today.

HISTROV is a brand that has its own history and respects folk customs. In 2012, the Designer and Founder of Shchurov Tetiana won the competition “Petrikovka through the eyes of modern youth” and was one of the representatives from Ukraine at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. The invited guests demonstrated the Petrykiv painting, which was later included in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The peculiarity of Tatyana Shchurova’s embroidered clothes and clothes is the reproduction of the shape of brushstrokes in embroidery, the play of colors and their transitions.

We offer our customers a large assortment of clothes in the Ukrainian style, so it is easier for us to choose an image for a photo shoot. Each product is made of high-quality materials and has an individual approach. Designer products exclude the mass market and guarantee the quality of each product.