Vyshyvanka - etno style Ukrainian embroidered shirt is a must have thing in every woman's wardrobe. Those who still not have a fashionable element of their everyday or festive look must see an assortment of the virtual boutique Ri. Women online fashion store offer a large range of dresses, skirts or shirts made from natural materials. In addition, each item is unique and created by a designer in limited numbers. Womenswear designers note that their products go well with a business suit or light jeans for walking along the seaside. You can wear outfits in the national style with evening shoes or shoes with heels and with fabric moccasins or leather pumps. Ancient embroidery motifs are perfectly combined with modern accessories. The uniqueness of fashion clothing allows its owner not to be afraid that she will meet a friend or colleague with the same embroidered shirt. Women's Ukrainian embroidered shirt for every day Clothes in the national or etno style will highlight the individuality of any woman. The exclusivity of the outfit is not only in its beauty, but also in the symbols embroidered on the fabric. For a long time, people believed that the interweaving of colored or monochromatic threads allows you to attract good luck, love, wealth, or protect yourself from evil. For example, bright peonies on the sleeves of a shirt are considered a symbol of prosperity, and red poppies contribute to the fulfillment of any desires. Clothing for women from the virtual boutique HISTROV has the following advantages: • High quality materials and accessories; • Eco-Friendly Fabrics; • Uniqueness of the cut; • Variety of the model line. The boutique has clothes for both plus size women and girls with model parameters. Embroidered shirt-fashion and style Women's clothing Online Shopping Store offers customers to choose a product made by hand or machine embroidery and according to all national traditions. For brides, wedding dresses were embroidered in white and white. This color and pattern indicated that the girl was pure and innocent. Black stitches on black fabric marked the high status of the outfit owner and married women adorned their shirts with bright rhombuses and swargs. National trends continued in modern embroidered shirts. Women clothing store allow you to choose products with peonies, poppies, daisies or roses on the sleeves. In addition, there are dresses and skirts in light shades with white embroidery and lace at the hem. Boho style in clothes for women is suitable for both young girls and older ladies. The collar of the product can be decorated with strings in the form of woven bright or monochromatic threads and buboes. Dress with a belt will emphasize the fragility of a woman's silhouette, and a loose-fitting sundress will hide flaws. Women's high-quality embroidery can be bought from the designer Designers of women's clothing have ensured that their clients are representatives of all ages. Fashionable collections of the latest seasons can be bought at the Ri fashion store. Regular customers say that it is profitable to dress here, because the prices of the products are fully consistent with the high quality. In addition, manufacturers often offer discounts and holiday sales. Product price depends on: • Fabrics; • Volume of embroidered details; • Sewing accessories; • Brand popularity. Clothes for plus size and thin women's, do not differ much in price. Buy embroidery (vyshyvanka) at an affordable price in the online store HISTROV Ukrainian embroidered shirt (vyshyvanka) - clothing in etno style, which can be purchased in the HISTROV virtual boutique. Store will pleasantly surprise all its customers: • Courtesy of employees • Pricing policy; • Promotional discounts; • Wide assortment; • Fast order processing and delivery. An individual approach to new and regular customers will make shopping in the virtual boutique pleasant and exciting. A round-the-clock courier service is available for residents of Kiev, Lvov, Odessa and Kharkov. And in Dnipro, you can pick up a purchase at the company store yourself.

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